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Quench Your Thirst in Atlanta: July's Vending Machine Beverage Hits

Hey there, Atlanta! Is it just us, or did July feel like a sauna set to "extra crispy"? When it’s this hot, you need the kind of drink that not only quenches your thirst but also hugs your soul. And that's where we come in! As your favorite vending machine company in Atlanta, Red Hawk Vending has got the 411 on all the beverages that you and your parched palates have been reaching for. Drum roll, please, as we reveal the top 10 drinks that Atlanta fell in love with this past month. Ready to quench your thirst?

  1. Coke: The undisputed champ. You just can't mess with this Atlanta classic.

  2. Sprite: The city’s second soda love. Cool, crisp, and perfect for that Georgia heat.

  3. Dr. Pepper: With 23 flavors, it's like the Swiss Army knife of sodas. Handy and always welcome!

  4. Smart Water: Atlanta’s brain food, er, we mean drink! Quench your thirst and maybe solve a Rubik’s Cube faster.

  5. Celsius: The summer workout buddy you never knew you needed. Feel that Atlanta burn!

  6. Powerade: Forget Gatorade; this is Georgia's sports drink MVP!

  7. Mt Dew: Fueling gaming marathons and late-night study sessions across Atlanta.

  8. Coke Zero: For when you want to have your Coke and drink it too, minus the calories.

  9. Mt Dew Baja: Bringing a slice of the tropics right to your Atlanta doorstep.

  10. Original Green Monster: Atlanta’s answer to that 3 PM energy slump. Take that, afternoon drowsiness!

Loved what you saw on this list? Check out our other top 10 lists on our blog. Do you wish you had these thirst-quenchers right at your fingertips? Red Hawk Vending isn't just any vending machine company; we customize our beverage and snack selections to suit the unique tastes of your employees, visitors, guests, patients, or students. Yes, you heard that right! Your wish is our command. Contact Red Hawk Vending today to place a customized vending machine at your location and keep everyone happily hydrated and snacked up!

A refreshing Coke being poured from a bottle purchased from a Red Hawk Vending machine
Pouring a refreshing Coke from a Red Hawk Vending machine

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05 sept 2023
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Celsius beating Red Bull and Monster!

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05 sept 2023
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Some of my favorite drinks!

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05 sept 2023
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Love the Top 10 lists!

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