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Snack Smart: Atlanta's Top 10 Healthy Vending Machine Picks for March

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Are you looking for some healthy snack options to keep you going throughout the workday? Look no further than your office vending machine or micro market! Here are the top 10 healthy snacks that we sold in Atlanta vending machines in March:

  1. Water: Stay hydrated with a refreshing bottle of water from Aquafina, Smart Water, Core Hydration, or Evian.

  2. Welch's Fruit Snacks: Get your daily dose of fruit with these tasty and convenient snacks.

  3. Celsius: Boost your energy and metabolism with this calorie-burning drink.

  4. Sargento Balanced Breaks: These pre-packaged snacks include cheese, nuts, and dried fruit for a delicious and balanced snack.

  5. Smart Pop White Cheddar Popcorn: Satisfy your craving for something salty with this low-calorie popcorn.

  6. FairLife Protein Shakes: Get a quick and tasty dose of protein with these shakes.

  7. Pure Protein Bars: Another great source of protein, these bars come in a variety of flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  8. Planters Nuts: Choose from a variety of nuts, such as almonds, cashews, and pistachios, for a healthy snack that will keep you full.

  9. Cliff Bars: These protein bars are perfect for a midday snack or a pre-workout boost.

  10. Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps: These crispy, savory snacks are made with real vegetables for a healthier chip alternative.

At Red Hawk Vending, we understand the importance of offering healthy snack options to keep your employees and students fueled and productive. That's why we provide a variety of healthy vending options to businesses, schools, and offices throughout Metro Atlanta. Our vending machines and micro markets include fresh fruit, granola bars, yogurt, salads

and more. We are committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle and improving the overall wellness of the community we serve.

Are you ready to offer healthier snack choices in your Atlanta workspace? Contact Red Hawk Vending today and discover our range of nutritious vending machine and micro market options designed to keep you and your team energized and satisfied throughout the day!

Red Hawk Vending offers vending machine healthy snacks
Red Hawk Vending Healthy Snack Winners!

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