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Top 10 Vending Machine Picks in Atlanta: A January Comfort vs. Health Showdown

Ah, January in Atlanta, the month where New Year's resolutions meet the ultimate test: the vending machine at the corner of "I'll start tomorrow" and "Just one won't hurt." Let's dive into the top 10 items Atlantans actually bought from Red Hawk Vending machines. Spoiler alert: It's a rollercoaster ride between comfort and... well, more comfort.

10. Oreos - Kicking off our list is everyone's favorite cookie, proving that no matter how many times we say "new year, new me," deep down, we're all just "same me, more Oreos."

9. Sprite - A little fizz to wash down the guilt of breaking your "no soda" resolution on day two. It's okay, we call it the lemon-lime loophole.

8. Dr. Pepper - Because in Atlanta, we believe variety is the spice of life, and who needs water when you have 23 flavors?

7. Arizona Juice Cocktail - Ah, the token attempt at choosing something that sounds like it might have seen a fruit once. Nice try, Atlanta.

6. Aquafina - Halfway through the list and we hit water. A moment of silence for those who tried to keep their hydration resolution for more than a week.

5. Flamin' Hot Cheetos - The snack that says, "I might be crying on the inside, but my mouth is too on fire to tell."

4. Cheez Its - Because nothing says "comfort" quite like cheese crackers that remind you of simpler times, like your elementary school lunchbox.

3. Famous Amos Cookies - Small cookies for those small moments of weakness. Or, you know, grabbing three bags because who's counting?

2. Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips - The ultimate comfort snack that whispers, "Forget kale, real joy is found in a bag of chips."

1. Coke - Topping the list, the classic Coca-Cola. Because no matter how many health trends come and go, Atlanta will always stay true to its roots. Cheers to the real thing!

So, did Atlantans look for healthy or comfort in their vending machine choices this January? The verdict is in: Comfort took the lead, with a side of token hydration. Here's to all the resolutions made and the delicious moments of weakness that followed. After all, there's always next January.

Looking for a quick comfort fix or a snack to brighten your day? Red Hawk Vending has got you covered! Whether you're trying to stick to your New Year's resolutions or you're all about embracing those comforting cravings, we offer a wide selection of snacks and drinks that cater to every taste. With Red Hawk Vending, you're always just a button away from your next delicious escape. Why wait for next January to indulge in your favorite comforts? Make every day a little sweeter with Red Hawk Vending!

can of coke
Coke, Reigning Vending Machine Champion

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08 feb
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The New Years struggle is real oh well life is short get the chips

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08 feb
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Pretty funny countdown!

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